A domain name is your internet web address of your web site. Like home/office addresses and telephone numbers, each domain name must be unique. Domain names are used as a convenient way of locating information and reaching others on the Internet Your domain name should be distinctive and directly related to your company's name, product or service.
Your domain name is a powerful marketing tool. Promote your domain name on your business cards, letterheads and marketing material.
We will register your with either an International (yourdomain.com) or Hong Kong (yourdamain.com.hk) domain name of your choice and host your web site under this domain name.
Domain Name Free Features
Register the domain name on your behalf, Online Domain Control PanelChange Your Domain Informatiom.
Setup the DNS record on our DNS Server to reserve your domain
Setup Unlimited URL Forwarding
Setup MX Record / Unlimited Mail Forwarding / Alias
Setup Sub-domains / Hostnames
Setup Cnames / IP Point
Setup the "under construction" page for your domain
Handle the technical issue of your domain
Register the domain name Fee  
International Domain Name (.com, .net, .org) HK$380 / Per Year
International Domain Name (.us, .biz, .info, .name) HK$380 / Per Year
International Domain Name (.ws, .cc, .nu, .ca) HK$380 / Per Year
Hong Kong Domain Name (.com.hk, .net.hk and .org.hk) HK$200 / Per Year
Hong Kong Domain Name (.hk) HK$200 / Per Year
Taiwan Domain Name (.com.tw, .idv.tw and .org.tw) HK$480 / Per Year
* Hong Kong Domain Name not include domain name features and need use our hosting services
Register the domain by credit card only $100: http://linkinlink.net


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.com/.net/.org or .com.hk/.net.hk/.org.hk

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